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    sep-logo.png - THE HUNGER GAMES - sep-logo.png

    The first unique addition of chronicles, The Hunger Games, is the alternative to Grand Olympiad Tournament, themes on the movie by Harry Ross “The Hunger Games”.

    This additive does not affect stats, balance and the concept of High Five server.

    All participants first appear in the freshly built location in the form of new arena.
    Tributes are all in the same conditions, but the equipment they have. They initially do now have weapons, but they are able to survive in rough environment.

    None can get an additional buff help and take his Enchant weapon for the battle.
    Every player is placed at the same distance to the arena center, where the weapon is located. The weapon is automatically added once the player takes it. The player can take only two weapons and can always change any of them by getting rid of the useless one.

    Players have 2 paths: look for the weapon which can be used to kill or hide, waiting for the right moment.
    Here you will not be able to recognize your co-tribes or your friends as all nicknames, tribe signs and titles are hidden.

    The main moment in Hunger Games is “Mockingjay”, the farm. The player can get “Mockingjay” from every tribute, killed by him. “Mockingjay” can be used in Effie Trinked shop to buy various useful devices.

    The winner of Hunger Games gets scores. Scores are calculated at the end of each period. First 25 players scoring the most will get the right to take part in the Tournament.

    Hunger Games happen from Monday to Saturday 18:00 PM to 00:00AM Moscow time.
    The tournament starts once the Hunger Games are over which is every Sunday starting from September 24th 2017 at 18:00 PM Moscow time.
    The winner of the Tournament obtains the status “Hunger Games Hero” for the whole next Hunger Games period (until the next winner comes). The winner also gets the unique trench coat The Hunger Games, unique lighting effect and personal hero-chat.

    The server is based on chronicles: High Five part 5 update to The Hunger Games

    sep-logo.png SERVER RATES sep-logo.png

    Exp: x75
    SP: x75
    Adena: x20
    Drop: х15
    Spoil: x15
    Quest Reward: x15
    Quest Items: x15
    Epaulettes: x15
    RaidBoss: х5
    Epic: x1
    sep-logo.png MAIN sep-logo.png

    When the player is created, he gets the bonus pack: Runas, EXP, SP and development stuff.
    You can get all professions for free as well as automatic skills (besides the ones which require books). You can purchase books in the store. Skills certification does not require the finalized quest.
    Mobs – champions up to level 80 (inl), х5 и х10.
    The max weight limit increased 10 times.
    By the use of macros the player can use skills unlimited.
    MP potions add 2000 MP. Waiting time for reusage is 15 sec.
    Alt+click – buffs cancellation
    Hellbound island has level 11 from the start of the server
    Buff time is 60 min.
    Buff limit is:- 32(+4) for normal buff, 14 for dances and songs
    Trade zone – Giran center
    Conduit entrance - 24/7, no registration
    New unique headwear and trench coats designed especially for Hunger Games.ws project
    sep-logo.png Sub-class, Nooblesse, Sertification sep-logo.png

    Obtaining Sub-class without quest.
    Obtainign Noblesse with a quest.
    Maximul Sub-class level - 80. For Kamael Sub-class up to level 85.
    sep-logo.png Grand Olympiad Tournament sep-logo.png

    First heroes – Sept 29th
    Heroes – every 2 weeks
    Enemy choice launch: starting from 5 registered participants
    Enchanting limit in Olympics: 8 6 6
    Teleportation time to arena: 60 sec
    Windows limit: 1 window

    sep-logo.png ENCHANTMENT AND ATTRIBUTES sep-logo.png

    Max. Weapon: +16
    Max. Armor: +12
    Max. Jewelery: +12
    Chance: 66%
    Olf: +10; Chance 49%
    Chance to enchant with a stone: 60%
    Chance to enchant with a crystall: 40%
    sep-logo.png EPIC BOSS sep-logo.png

    Respawn by ru-offs
    Fixed response rate (will be mentioned closer to the server opening)

    sep-logo.png STANDOFF AND WAR FOR TERRITORY sep-logo.png

    Standoff happen every 2 weeks
    TW happen every 2 weeks
    Before TW starts flags come back to their castles
    sep-logo.png COMMUNITY BOARD sep-logo.png

    Community Board is very user friendly and dynamic. The main CB page will show the store, which has everything players need for the initial development: scrolls, consumables, banks, colors, jewelry, exchange, equipment, weapon up to low S grade.

    Menu is divided into main and secondary one.

    In the main menu you see Teleport, Buffer, Services and statistics. Teleport has the option of fast move to the city and within the chosen city (will show as the navigation when changing the cities).

    In the Buffer you can create your own buff scheme, switch between the buffs and choose the premium buff. You have got other convenient services of teleport, class master, etc. In addition we have added Academy to the community board, trying room and costumes. On the main page there is winner stats for Hunger Games and the tournament.
    sep-logo.png SPECIAL COMMANDS sep-logo.png
    .cfg – player settings
    .offline – offline trade
    .relog - clear "cache"
    .lock – fixing character by ip и HWID.
    .km-all-to-me – call co-tribes (team for tribe lead).
    sep-logo.png ADDITIONAL INFO sep-logo.png

    PvP-Epic zone
    Copy-Paste works as Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V
    Cancellation - substracts 3 buff.
    Steel of Divinity - random up to 7 buff.
    Quest Legendary Tales - The quest item gets the finished party
    *Final server description will be available 2 weeks before opening.
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